With easy-to-follow 'Step-by-Step' instruction from Sensei IRFAN ANSARI (Black Belt 7th Dan & National Coach).

You will learn a 6-in-1 Martial Arts system involving Karate, Ju-jitsu, Grappling, Self-defence, Weapons and Kickboxing (and all sub-disciplines).

Ideal for BEGINNERS or for those already in Martial Arts who wish to add more knowledge to their current practice.

Also, very USEFUL FOR INSTRUCTORS who wish to offer more variety in their classes with progressive coaching that builds knowledge using scientific coaching principles.

How It Works

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    Learn directly from Sensei IRFAN ANSARI who has over 49 years experience

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    Learn online on any device. Works on your phone, laptop or tablet

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    Learn martial arts from the comfort and safety of your own home at anytime

Your Instructor: IRFAN ANSARI

7th Dan, National Coach, BSc (Hons) Sport+Exrercise, PGCE

Chief Instructor

Irfan Ansari

I have been studying various Martial Arts for the last 49yrs from various instructors around the world and in many countries. My system is a mix of Karate, Ju-jitsu, Grappling, Self-defence, Weapons and Kickboxing and many sub-disciplines particularly within Karate (Kihon, Shitoryu Kata, Kumite), Self-defence (Stand-up, Ground, with/out weapons), Weapons (Nunchaku, Bo, Jo, Bokken, Escrima and Sport Weapons), and Kickboxing (Padwork, Focus mitts).

Coupled with my Sport Science research and lecturing experience I have produced many World Champions from my own Dojo (visit for more info). Now, I wish to share some of what I have learnt to produce these World Champions with you. So whether you’re a Beginner or a seasoned practitioner of the fighting arts, you’ll definitely find much more than just techniques in the way I explain things to you and guide you through each step.

I make the instruction I provide very EASY TO FOLLOW in a STEP BY STEP manner. I literally take you by the hand and this is why it is suited to all standards. Even the seasoned Instructor will find new things in it which they can use in their classes!

My contact with you doesn’t end with just one purchase! All clients also receive periodic updates on their progress and FREE new material to slot into their existing package. To put it simply – we look after you throughout your journey in martial arts!

What our Customers say...

by Huseyn Mikayilov

World Champion

The DOJO karate centre has been my second home for almost over a decade, I have been a student of Sensei Irfan Ansari for a very long time not only is he just my instructor I also see him as a second father figure, he not only has made me a World Champion several times, he’s not only trained me to be a successful martial artist, he has not only trained me to be an Instructor but much more than that, he has given me so many life lessons, advice, support and to make sure I respect everyone and everything around me, he has taught me that karate is as much discipline as it is technique. Being at the club for many years and competing in over hundreds of tournaments with him whether it be nationally or around the globe, I have never seen a coach as amazing, hardworking, considerate and as successful of a coach than he is. The medals, the trophies, the titles, the qualifications all speak for itself, his coaching methods are second to none. Through Karate I have lived through very important stages of my life, going through high school, the to college and then to university, without his guidance and knowledge nor would I be a successful martial artist or successful in life with the huge help of my parents also. It improved my confidence a huge amount allowing me to speak in big crowds at school and college and university. It helped instil my mental focus and kept me away from trouble and kept me busy and focussed on my martial art and school. It taught me self-defence to protect myself and other people I care about. It taught me to respect everyone around me regardless of who they are. But mostly Sensei Ansari pushed me in life to do my best in everything especially in my studies. He makes sure all his students get equal treatment and that everyone benefits from his knowledge and experience, Also as a trainee instructor under Sensei Ansari, I know that our teaching methods are unreal, in my opinion one of the best... we don’t teach the students just karate we also do other disciplines within the club such as Jiu Jitsu, Kick/Thai boxing, Weapons and much more. It is a very family friendly environment literally like one big family, I have never heard a single complaint always praises about Sensei Ansari's coaching, not only is he a great martial arts coach but also a great martial artists being a 7th Dan Black Belt and a numerous time World Champion himself. There is not much to say but the level of the club and the coaching at the club is one of the best I have seen, and I can vouch that anyone that wants to join won’t be disappointed.

by Helen Atherton

I little realised how satisfying the skills we learn were in their achievement until we joined in – we have never looked back! There is so much variety with lots to learn in a really well planned and structured manner for each belt, e.g. Kata, stick work, nunchucks, kickboxing, etc. But in learning these you also improve your fitness, focus, discipline, concentration and determination to succeed. My children have often found activities hard but have stayed with the tasks they have been set at The DOJO until they have become more successful. This lesson to persevere is probably one of the most important aspects of training as not only does it give them confidence, it is a transferable skill that will move into other areas of their life & learning as they become older and more independent. The structured progress of learning, with its assessment and grading, is an additional ongoing incentive to move forward with the skills you begin to master. I am extremely impressed with the highly qualified knowledge and professionalism of the teaching team. My family are stronger and more caring from our joint lessons and are able to encourage one another when our learning becomes difficult. It has definitely strengthened our family bond. I would highly recommend it for all families and their children. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

by John Cusick

... All the kids seemed to love these classes, and the parents too.... The professionalism of the teaching, and the friendliness of each sensei make this enjoyable... the most unruly child soon realises the benefit of respect and hard work. The coaching staff are meticulous when it comes to correct technique, but more than that, they are also taught the history of the sport, and hear about some particularly interesting life lessons from Sensei Irfan. No matter how talented a child may be, they will not achieve their potential without hard work and perseverance, a theme which is drilled into them throughout their classes. I’m pleased I discovered the Dojo... but I’ve learned a lot already about the sport, and the importance of being able to defend yourself responsibly. I would recommend the Dojo to any parent who is considering getting their child involved in a competitive sport, and although they are not required to compete, they learn a lot about themselves when they do. The teaching is top quality, and in terms of value for money, it couldn’t be better.

by Maison Stockwell

I've been watching through some of the many lessons this morning. Each lesson is clear, detailed and in depth. I would highly recommend this to all of our members and the public. Whether you already do martial arts or you want to get started, the course is so easy to follow anyone can learn.